Voltage Releases English Version of Social Game “Be My Princess for GREE”

“Be My Princess for GREE” is the English version of “Ouji-sama no Propose for GREE”, winner of the GREE Platform Award 2011 for best dating game.

Mobile game developer Voltage has released an English version of their popular social game “Be My Princess for GREE”. The game was made available by mobile game publisher GREE for smartphones worldwide at the beginning of June.

The Japanese version of the game, known as “Ouji-sama no Propose for GREE”, won the GREE Platform Award for best dating game in August 2011. The romantic dating sim tells the story of an aspiring fashion designer and her adventures with princes around the world.

“Be My Princess for GREE” is Voltage’s first social game for the overseas market. More than just a love story, the game also allows players to customize their avatars and living spaces, as well as interact with other players worldwide.

Japanese companies have recently begun making inroads into the global social games market. Publisher GREE made an impact at this year’s E3 video game trade show, and social game platform Mobage’s card game “Rage of Bahamut” reached the top of the US App Store sales chart.

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