Sony Music Holding Open Auditions for Vocaloid and Anison Artists

Vocaloid & Anison Audition “Utakatsu!” ボカロ&アニソン限定オーディション「ウタカツ!」

Vocaloid and anison audition “Utakatsu!”

Sony Music is currently holding “Utakatsu!”, an open audition for Vocaloid and anison artists.

The audition is being conducted as a response to last year’s meteoric rise of Vocaloid and anime music, which saw Vocaloid hits topping Japanese karaoke charts and songs from anime series reaching the top of music sales rankings. The audition aims to find the next generation of talented artists in these emerging genres.

The audition is open to Vocaloid and anison artists ranging in age from their teens to age 25 who are not currently signed to a record label, production company, or music publisher. The winner of the competition will be guaranteed to debut as a performer in 2014.

The entry period is from August 16th to October 6th. Entries can be submitted via postal mail or the internet, as well as at karaoke venues across Japan equipped with Daiichi Kosho’s Live Dam and Premier Dam karaoke machines.

Vocaloid & Anison Audition “Utakatsu!”