Colonel Sanders Statue Near Akihabara Station Becomes Warrior

The Colonel Sanders statue at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant near Akihabara Station, under the elevated train tracks, has transformed into a red warrior.

Every year, in celebration of Children’s Day on May 5th, the statue is dressed in a warrior costume to reflect the hope that children have success in their lives as they grow up. According to store employees, many other Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants across Japan dress their Colonel Sanders statues the same way.

The entire statue is covered in cardboard armor, topped with a cardboard kabuto helmet with horns and ear flaps glued onto it. The statue’s right hand holds a box of French fries, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest promotion.

The costume is so striking that passers-by stop in their tracks to stare, and tourists from all over Japan and the rest of the world have been taking photographs with Colonel Sanders.

Image : On Christmas, Colonel Sanders dresses up as Santa Claus.

Red from head to toe.