Sega and BBC Earth Museum “Orbi Yokohama” Opening Soon

Orbi横浜 Orbi Yokohama

“THEATRE 23.4”, the main theater, combines visuals with other sensory extras such as smells, wind, fog, flashing lights, and an advanced sound system to create an intense, hyper-realistic experience.

On August 19th, Orbi Yokohama, a nature-themed museum jointly created by Sega and BBC Earth, will open in Yokohama’s MARK IS Minatomirai shopping center.

A combination of Sega’s entertainment expertise and BBC Earth’s scientific knowledge, Orbi is designed as a fully interactive museum where visitors can explore the mysteries of nature and planet Earth in a cutting-edge environment.

The facility is comprised of a main theater and a number of entertainment exhibitions. The 340-seat main theater boasts one of Japan’s biggest screens, measuring 40 meters wide by 8 meters tall, and will screen an original nature film created exclusively for Orbi. The entertainment exhibitions are multi-sensory areas where visitors can explore various facets of the Earth, from the skies to the oceans and jungles. One of the centerpieces is the “Blizzard Room”, an area with temperatures reaching minus 20 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of 15 miles.

Orbi Yokohama

Opening: Monday, August 19th, 2013

Location: MARK IS Minatomirai, 5F & 6F

Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (last entry at 9:30 PM)

Admission: Adults (high school age and older) 2,600 yen; elementary and middle school students 1,300 yen; preschool and kindergarten (ages 4 and up) 500 yen

Orbi横浜 Orbi Yokohama

The pre-show area includes the “Animalpedia”, an exhibition where visitors can communicate with life-sized projections of animals. Pictured: The savannah and ocean areas.

Orbi横浜 Orbi Yokohama

Orbi横浜 Orbi Yokohama

At “Base Camp”, the walls are mapped with realistic projections.

Orbi横浜 Orbi Yokohama

Using projection mapping, this morphing stone is made interactive.

Orbi横浜 Orbi Yokohama

The cafe overlooking the facility will serve an original, nature-themed menu. Pictured: The Earth-themed Blue Burger (450 yen).

Orbi Yokohama Official Site