3D Modeling Software Clip Studio Action Includes Vocaloid Character Gumi

Vocaloid Gumi is included in the newest version of Clip Studio Action.

The newest version of Clip Studio Action, a 3D animation and modeling program from anime and manga creation software company Celsys, was released on April 10th.

Clip Studio Action allows users to animate 3D models through a simple, drag and drop interface. The newest update to version 1.0.2 includes a free model of popular Vocaloid character Gumi, designed by manga artist Masami Yuki, as well as editable music and motion data. The model also supports motion capture via Kinect for Windows, as well as FCurve for detailed editing.

The download edition of Clip Studio Action retails for 25,000 yen. A monthly subscription version can be purchased for 1,000 yen per month. A full-featured, one-month free trial is also available.

Character motion data can be edited easily via a drag and drop interface.

All aspects of character models are controllable, down to the motion of hair and clothing.

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