Nitroplus Mascot “Super Sonico” Becomes Bunny Girl

Nitroplus’s mascot, Super Sonico, is being made into a bunny girl figure.

Figure manufacturer Good Smile Company will be releasing a figure of game company Nitroplus’s official mascot, Super Sonico, dressed as a bunny girl.

The 310-millimeter-tall, 1/4 scale figure depicts Super Sonico dressed in a frilly outfit, wearing bunny ears and a tail. The figure was made with extreme attention to detail, including the use of actual fabric to make Super Sonico’s fishnet tights.

The figure is manufactured by FREEing and sculpted by Masato Abe. It retails for 18,800 yen, and will be released in July.

Upper view

Full view

Super Sonico’s outfit features a bunny tail.

Super Sonico
Product Site (Good Smile Company)