“Kuroko no Basuke” Gym Bags On Sale Now

Premium Bandai has released four gym bags based on high schools from “Kuroko no Basuke”. (Pictured: Seirin High version)

Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, is selling four gym bags based on the high schools from anime and manga series “Kuroko no Basuke”.

The series tells the story of a high school basketball team, and has just been renewed for a second TV anime installment. The gym bags feature the colors and logos of four of the high schools featured in the series: Seirin High, Kaijo High, Shutoku High, and Touou Academy. The bags are suitable for everyday use, and are embossed with the fictional schools’ names. They measure approximately 40 centimeters wide, 30 centimeters tall, and 15 centimeters deep.

Each bag retails for 6,300 yen.

© Tadatoshi Fujimaki / Shueisha / Kuroko no Basuke Production Committee

Kaijo High version

Shutoku High version

Touou Academy version

Each bag is embossed with the school’s name.


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