A new savior to your organic chemistry studies! Second “Lucky Star” collaboration study book to be published from Chukei Publishing Company

Various pictures enable you to create images in your mind.

Chukei Publishing Company published “Impressive learning Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) with Lucky Star”. It is the second collaboration study book following the previous “Impressive learning Chemistry (Theories) with Lucky Star”.

In the book, characters from “Lucky Star” are taking chemistry classes. You can learn Organic Chemistry studied in high school from the very beginning with Konata, Tsukasa and other girls. With many new illustrations by author Kagami Yoshimizu, Kawai-juku top class popularity and skilled teacher Takashi Matsubara explains point by point.

Good for thorough understanding on Organic Chemistry for: high schools students for their first study on Organic Chemistry; test-takers who have basic understanding on chemistry but having troubles solving assignments and; university students and working adults who are considering of studying chemistry once again

Moreover, to “Raki☆Sta” fans’ joy, you can find a poster by Kagami Yoshimizu on the back side of the book cover. Also includes a reversible B4 chart of reaction pathways to support you.

Price of the book is 1,500 yen.

Four-frame comics included!

Some pages for “Raki☆Sta” fans.

Easier to memorize contents together with characters’ conversation?

Chukei Publishing Company
Lucky Star Official website “Lucky Channel WEB”