TV Personality Shoko Nakagawa Expands Self-Designed Evangelion Fashion Line

EVA x mmts Spear of Longinus Cardigan

TV personality Shoko Nakagawa has added products based on the “Rebuild of Evangelion” movie series to her self-designed fashion line. The fashion line, known as “mmts”, was updated at the beginning of October.

The first Evangelion-themed installment of the fashion brand, released in August, included an EVA Unit-patterned sweatshirt, EVA Unit 01 skirt, Spear of Longinus bag, and a dress based on Mari’s school uniform.

The new items added to the fashion line include a T-shirt and tote bag featuring artwork of Evangelion character Mari holding Mamitasu, one of Shoko’s cats, as well as a Spear of Longinus print cardigan and a furry, cat-eared backpack based on Evangelion color schemes.

The new items are available from online fashion store Mobacolle.

EVA x Mari meets Mamitasu T-Shirt

EVA x mmts Mari meets Mamitasu Mini Tote Bag

EVA x mmts Cat-Eared Backpack

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