Origin of rhythm games: “PaRappa the Rapper” returns to PS4(R) after 20 years

Released on April 20th 2017 (Thu) 


Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan (SIEJA) will be releasing PlayStation (R) 4 software “PaRappa the Rapper” from April 20th 2017 in countrywide PlayStation (R) chain stores and PlayStation (R) Store (via PlayStation (R) 4 and Webstore: https://store.playstation.com/)

“PaRappa the Rapper” is a masterpiece of rhythm games, which could also be said as the origin of rhythm games released in 1996, for PlayStation (R). Its release on PS4 will be a revival after 20 years.

Two-dimensional paper-craft-like characters appear in the game. PaRappa, the main character of this game, will play rap with various teachers.

You do not need special techniques to play this game. You can also ad lib phrases, and when you play well teachers leave the stage, offering you an exhilarating solo-stage.

Not only fans from 20 years ago, but also new-comers will surely be drawn into this timeless game content and design.


(C)Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (C)Rodney A.Greenblat/Interlink


PaRappa, the main character 


Chop Chop Master Onion will teach you fundamentals of rap in stage 1.


When you play cool rap, teacher will leave the stage



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