Cospatio to Run Cosplay Bus Tour in Karuizawa, Nagano

Cos-Patio Tour in Karuizawa



On April 1st and 2nd, cosplay apparel manufacturer and retailer Cospa will be running a cosplay bus tour in Karuizawa, Nagano.


The bus tour will take participants to several photography spots around Karuizawa, including a resort hotel located on a plateau 1,000 meters above sea level, as well as Onioshidashi Park, formed from gigantic volcanic rocks. Cospa will be holding the bus tour, titled “Cos-Patio Tour in Karuizawa”, for the first time in six years.


The tour will feature a chance to take photographs at striking locations unable to be reproduced inside a photo studio or event hall. After the day of photography is finished, participants can dine at the hotel’s international buffet and soak in an outdoor hot spring with a clear view of the night sky.


The hotel, surrounded by Karuizawa’s blue sky and beautiful forests, is located on a sprawling environment with numerous dynamic photo spots. In addition to the stained glass and dramatic passageways that make up the hotel’s architecture, it also hosts forests, a church, and a chapel perfect for a wide array of cosplay situations.


The nearby Onioshidashi Park features a landscape made up of volcanic rock for miles in every direction, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that lends itself well to photography. The surrounding areas of Karuizawa offer a variety of other photo spots, such as the exterior of temples and a brightly-colored suspension bridge.


The tour offers lodging packages that include a bus tour (starting at 22,800 yen) or an on-location meeting of the tour group (starting at 18,800 yen). The two-day, one-night trip will be limited to 40 guests.


Hotel chapel

Hotel forest

Hotel interior

Onioshidashi Park is formed from gigantic volcanic rocks, taller than human height.



Cos-Patio Tour in Karuizawa