Hanamaru Udon to Hold “Osomatsu-san” Event

Hanamaru Udon restaurants across Japan are holding an “Osomatsu-san” promotion.

© Fujio Akatsuka / Osomatsu-san Production Committee


On January 20th through 31st, sanuki udon chain restaurant Hanamaru Udon will be holding a special event based on anime series “Osomatsu-san” at restaurant locations across Japan.

During the promotion, known as “Hanamatsu-san Fair”, each udon order will be accompanied by a 3-card set, available in two different designs, depicting the six brothers of “Osomatsu-san”. The Osomatsu or Ichimatsu card can be exchanged for a 50-yen discount on tan tan udon, the Karamatsu or Jyushimatsu card can be redeemed for a free piece of tempura, and the Choromatsu or Todomatsu card is good for a free soft-boiled egg.

The first 30 customers at each restaurant who spend at least 1,000 yen in a single visit during the promotion will also receive a limited-edition placemat. (Card and placemat quantities are limited, and distribution will end when supplies are exhausted.)

Some locations will also feature life-sized standees of the six Matsuno brothers. Each restaurant will have a different brother, which can be discovered upon visiting any particular shop.

Hanamaru Udon limited-edition Osomatsu-san placemat

© Fujio Akatsuka / Osomatsu-san Production Committee



Hanamatsu-san Fair