Figma of “Maho Nishizumi” and “Erika Itsumi” from movie “Girl-pan” to be released

figma 西住まほ&逸見エリカセット。良く見るとしっかりと作り分けられていることが分かる。

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Action figure series “figma” will be releasing “Maho Nishizumi”, Kuromorimine’s overall commander, and “Erika Itsumi”, Kuromorimine’s co-commander, as one set.

“Girls und Panzer” is a popular TV animation series about high-school girls into “Senshado” (martial art using tanks). It is creating a sensation not only among animation fans but also among military fans. You should well remember the collaboration with the 20th Ooarai Angler fish festival held in November this year, collecting numerous fans.

Both the two girls are from powerful Senshado team of “Kuromorimine Girls High School”. Maho Nishizumi is heroin Miho Nishizumi’s elder sister, the successor of “Nishizumi style Senshado” as well as commander of Kuromorimine. Erika Itsumi is the co-commander supporting Maho.

If you feel two faces with one body part will be fine, that is totally a mistake. You should notice at once that the two girls are made differently from heights to physiques, though they are wearing same jackets.

For “Maho Nishizumi”, confident face, shouting face and face with binoculars are attached, while for “Erika Itsumi” confident face and smiling face which she did not show in the work are attached. You can also attach face part of “figma: Miho Nishizumi school uniform ver.” and enjoy her looks when she was in Kuromorimine.

This “Figma: Maho Nishizumi & Erika Itsumi set” is planned to be released in May 2017. Price will be for 10,185 yen (before tax).  

*Pictures might differ from actual product.

*Please note actual products differ to one another to some extent since they are painted manually.

*Please note that pictures might differ from actual product.



©GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt



©GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt



©GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt



©GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt



©GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt



figma 西住まほ&逸見エリカ セット