TV animation “Hajimete no Gal”: A love comedy with “Gal” starting with kneeling love confession

“Hajimete no Gal”

(c)Meguru Ueno / KADOKAWA


A love comedy “Hajimete no Gal” serializing in “Monthly Shonen Ace” by Meguru Ueno will be on aired as a TV animation.

This fantastic story starts with Junichi Hashiba, a high school boy dissatisfied with his real life, kneels to a “Gal” Yukana Yaotome for love confession.

TV animation’s official website has already put up, and will be releasing schedules and production company information together with Shonen Ace’s official twitter account.

Ueno commented, “TV animation Hajimete no Gal will be on aired! I again achieved one of my goals as a manga artist, and this is all thanks to all supporters and high school Gals! It can’t get any better than this! I will continue all my efforts to make this manga attractive, so please do support TV animation Hajimete no Gal!”

Volume 1 P2 “Would you please date with me!?”

(c)Meguru Ueno / KADOKAWA

Volume 1 P34 “Sure, why don’t we date?”

(c)Meguru Ueno / KADOKAWA

Hashiba strung by Yaotome, a slut but conservative girl

(c)Meguru Ueno / KADOKAWA

“Hajimete no Gal” Volume 2

(c)Meguru Ueno / KADOKAWA



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