Pikachu from piggy bank; “Pikachu Bank” talks in 243 ways

“Pikachu Bank”

 (c)Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku (c)Pokemon


“Pikachu Bank”, from which Pikachu appears and take your coin, was released on November 18th.

Pikachu appears not only in latest TV animation “Pocket Monsters: XY” but also in the new TV animation series “Pokemon: Sun & Moon”.

This piggy bank was released from SHINE Co., ltd, a company famous for its “Trick Banks”. When you place your coin on the money box which is colored in “monster ball color”, Pikachu appears with its cute voice, and carefully takes the coin.

Pikachu will talk in 243 ways. You can enjoy the voice together with Pikachu’s lovely movement. Price is for 2,980 yen (before tax).



“Pikachu Bank”




“Pikachu Bank”



“Pocket Monster: Sun & Moon”