「 Jewelry Brand Artemis Kings Releases “Your Name” Silver Pendant

The pendant includes a custom box and warranty card printed with the movie’s key visual.

© 2016 “Your Name” Production Committee


Silver jewelry brand Artemis Kings has released a pendant based on anime film “Your Name”.

Artemis Kings has previously released items in collaboration with popular anime series and artists, with the newest release based on one of the year’s most talked-about films, “Your Name”. Inspired by the movie’s main theme of a boy and girl with intertwined fates, the pendant depicts a twin comet design embedded with pink and blue cubic zirconia.

The pendant is currently available for purchase, with each order taking 30 to 45 days for delivery due to the build-to-order manufacturing process. It can be preordered at Artemis Kings’ official online store, as well as retail locations such as the Artemis Kings store in Shibuya Marui.

The pendant will be shipped in a custom box printed with the film’s logo in gold leaf, as well as a warranty card bearing the movie’s key visual. It retails for 9,720 yen.


Pendant with chain

© 2016 “Your Name” Production Committee


Pendant being worn

© 2016 “Your Name” Production Committee



Your Name Comet Pendant



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