“Girls und Panzer” Cup Noodle Sets Sell Out Instantaneously

Cup Noodle Girls und Panzer Package Shell-Shaped Stocker Set (32,184 yen, tax included)




Food company Nissin has released a series of Cup Noodle instant ramen products based on popular anime series “Girls und Panzer”.

The “Cup Noodle Girls und Panzer Package Shell-Shaped Stocker Set” comes with six Cup Noodle cups bearing the images of main character Miho Nishizumi and the other members of the Anglerfish Team, a storage container shaped like an artillery shell that can hold three Cup Noodle cups, a poster with original artwork, and a box modeled after an ammo case. The “Cup Noodle Girls und Panzer Package” includes 20 Cup Noodle cups with an exclusive design and six transparent file folders, shipped in a custom cardboard box with special artwork.

The Shell-Shaped Stocker Set retailed for 32,184 yen, while the standard set cost 5,378 yen, tax included. Despite the high cost for instant noodles, both sets sold out almost instantly upon their November 14th release through Nissin’s online store, a testament to the 2012 anime series’ fervent fan base.

A new six-part anime series, titled “Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter”, will be released in Japanese theaters over the coming years. The first part will premiere in December 2017.

Cup Noodle Girls und Panzer Package (5,378 yen, tax included)


Cup Noodle Girls und Panzer Package cup


Shell-Shaped Stocker Set poster


Miho Nishizumi transparent file folder


Saori Takebe transparent file folder


 Hana Isuzu transparent file folder


Yukari Akiyama transparent file folder

Mako Reizei transparent file folder


Anglerfish Team transparent file folder



Tsurutsuru Sakusen