“Star Wars: Battle Pod” Dome-Enclosed Arcade Game Costs 4.56 Million Yen

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade game

“Star Wars: Battle Pod”, a dome-enclosed arcade game based on the Star Wars movie universe, will be available for sale in Japan to individual consumers for 4.56 million yen.

The game is a home model of a full-sized arcade game already released worldwide. Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, has been accepting preorders for the game since June 18th, marking the first time a full-sized arcade game has been available for sale through the site.

The game’s immersive dome screen creates a full-body experience similar to soaring through space. In addition to four stages based on battle scenes from Star Wars Episodes 4 through 6, the game features original scenarios created by Lucasfilm, including a battle with Darth Vader.

The full-body experience is enhanced with a variety of physical effects, including a moving seat with vibration and pneumatic air blasts, as well as 5.1 surround sound for added immersion. The player has the chance to pilot famous spacecraft from the Star Wars universe and reenact legendary battles; additional stages are planned for addition in future updates.

A premium edition of the game will also be available for 12 million yen. Purchasers can choose from rebel army or Darth Vader design schemes, complete with power seats covered in real leather, an engraved plate displaying the owner’s name and the game’s serial number, a limited edition owner’s manual, special carpeting to surround the game itself, and the owner’s name appearing in the game credits.

The game is planned for release starting in July. Ordering details and other information is available at the “Star Wars: Battle Pod” official site.

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スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
The game includes stages where the player can pilot famous Star Wars vehicles.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
The immersive game puts the player directly in the Star Wars universe.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
The dome screen fills the player’s entire field of vision.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
The Episode 4 Yavin stage. Players pilot an X-wing.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
The Episode 5 Hoth stage includes driving a snowspeeder.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
Players can drive a speeder bike on the Episode 6 Endor stage.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
The Episode 6 Death Star 2 stage puts players in control of the Millennium Falcon.

スター・ウォーズ:バトル ポッド Star Wars: Battle Pod
In the Episode 4 Vader’s Revenge stage, players battle Darth Vader in a TIE Advanced.

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