Cup no Fuchiko Teams Up with Disney for New Toy Series

コップのフチ子 Cup no Fuchiko
“Sitting Anoco” in a Mickey Mouse costume

The newest addition to the popular Cup no Fuchiko toy line, released on March 27th, is a series of toys based on Disney characters.

Designed by manga artist Katsuki Tanaka and capsule toy company Kitan Club, the Cup no Fuchiko toy series consists of small figures that can be hung off the sides of cups or other items. 8 million Cup no Fuchiko toys have been produced to date.

The new series features an American version of Fuchiko, known as “Anoco”, dressed in the outfits of Disney characters. The lineup includes “Sitting Anoco” in a Mickey Mouse costume, “Hanging Anoco” dressed as Minnie Mouse, and “Climbing Anoco” wearing a Donald Duck costume. Also released simultaneously is a series of 3 figures of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald in the same poses as the Anoco toys.

Each blind-packed toy retails for 490 yen, plus tax. The toys are exclusive to Village Vanguard stores across Japan.

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コップのフチ子 Cup no Fuchiko
“Hanging Anoco” in a Minnie Mouse costume

コップのフチ子 Cup no Fuchiko
“Climbing Anoco” in a Donald Duck costume

コップのフチ子 Cup no Fuchiko
“Sitting Mickey”

コップのフチ子 Cup no Fuchiko
“Hanging Minnie”

コップのフチ子 Cup no Fuchiko
“Climbing Donald”

Cup no Fuchiko Anoko Disney Costume Version

Cup no Fuchiko Disney Characters