“Genocidal Organ” “Harmony” by Keikaku Itoh comicalized

伊藤計劃 Keikaku Itoh Project Itoh
Final booklet, “Project Augmentative Book3” is attached to Newtype June issue. Cover page is an original by illustrator redjuice who handled character design for the animation films.

“Genocidal Organ” “Harmony”: two out of three Itoh’s novels waiting to be filmized under the name of “Project Itoh”, is now comicalized from “Monthly Newtype” May issue.

“Project Itoh” includes “Genocidal Organ”, “Harmony” and “The Empire or Corpses”, which was completed by Itoh’s sworn friend and Akutagawa Prize winner EnJoeToh, currently made into animation movies.

“Genocidal Organ” is drawn by Gatou Asou, known by designing and comicalizing “009 RE:CYBORG”, and designing “Guardian of the Spirit”, while Fumi Minato well known by original design of “Captain Earth” is in charge of “Harmony”.

The two works are not placed in Newtype itself, but are in attached booklets “Project Itoh Augmentative Book”. Three booklets had been attached from May issue, one for each issue. Comicalized works will also be placed in Newtype one issue after being released in the booklet, but if you are a big fan of Itoh, you should not miss the booklets since they include special interviews to Project Itoh’s members.

“Genocidal Organ” and “Harmony” are planned to be filmized after October this year.

伊藤計劃 Keikaku Itoh Project Itoh
Gatou Asou is in charge of “Genocidal Organ”, who is currently serializing “009 RE:CYBORG” in monthly magazine “BIG GANGAN”.

伊藤計劃 Keikaku Itoh Project Itoh
Fumi Minato’s first book “Konnakoto” is also popular now.
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