Win a Life-Sized Nana Mizuki Wall Sticker in New Contest from Calbee

水樹奈々Nana Mizuki
Calbee customers have a chance to win a life-sized Nana Mizuki wall sticker.

Snack company Calbee is currently running the 7th installment of their “Calbee x Nana Mizuki Campaign”, where 777 entrants will win a life-sized wall sticker or T-shirt featuring the popular voice actress and singer.

After purchasing one of several sizes and varieties of Potarich potato chips, customers can submit 3 receipts to enter the wall sticker drawing, or one receipt to enter the T-shirt contest. Receipts can be entered via the “Recepre!” smartphone app, or submitted through the mail.

77 entrants will win a cute, life-sized wall sticker of Nana wearing pigtails and a miniskirt. 700 entrants will receive a T-shirt printed with a picture of Nana and a replica of her signature.

“Recepre!” entries are due by Friday, June 12th at 11:59 PM. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by the same day. Additional details can be found at the promotional campaign’s official site.

水樹奈々 Nana Mizuki
This Nana Mizuki T-shirt is printed with her signature.

Calbee x Nana Mizuki