Flappter from “Castle in the Sky” modelized: Its unique flapping faithfully reproduced

フラップター ,Flappter
Flappter reproduced faithfully to the world of Ghibli

Bandai will be releasing 2nd work of “Souzou Galleria” series, “Souzou Galleria: Flappter” in November this year. The series aim in creating accurate model of the world of Ghibli’s “Castle in the Sky”. Bandai is currently accepting orders via its official shopping website Premium Bandai.

Flappter is a small-sized flight vehicle which appears in Ghibli’s “Castle in the Sky”. You might fully remember the memorable scene Pazu flying on flappter with captain Dola to rescue Sheeta from the burning castle.

The unique flapping seen in the movie is reproduced faithfully by adopting a device making the four blades swing individually. You can move the blades as well as light headlights, instruments and nozzles with the on/off switch placed on the box shaped base.

Price is for 12,960 yen (including tax. Shipping and handling cost not included). Size is length 120mm, width max 421mm. Package includes flappter, switch base, alternative parts (arrester gears and armor). Three AAA batteries are needed (not included in package).

(C) Nibariki
Planned by : Studio Ghibli, Bandai

フラップター ,Flappter
Elaborate finish satisfies you from any direction

フラップター ,Flappter
Originally arranged with headlights

フラップター ,Flappter
On/off switch brings flappter alive

フラップター ,Flappter
Two types of gear for bladders are included

フラップター ,Flappter
Cicada-like figure vividly recreated

“Souzou Galleria: Flappter”