Ghost in the Shell and Knights of Sidonia Sneakers Put Sci-Fi on Your Feet

攻殻機動隊 シドニアの騎士 UBIQ ,Ghost in the Shell,Knights of Sidonia
Ghost in the Shell Shin Gekijoban Ghost in the Shell 25th Anniversary Model

Sneaker brand UBIQ will be releasing sneakers based on the new Ghost in the Shell movie and TV anime series Knights of Sidonia.

The sneakers are available in both “Ghost in the Shell 25th Anniversary Model” and “Knights of Sidonia Garde Pilot Model” versions, each retailing for 9,612 yen, tax included. The Ghost in the Shell model is based on the series’ main visuals, with the uppers featuring a digitized image of city buildings. The heels are installed with reflectors that make the shoes appear to glow in the dark, and the shoelaces are embedded with reflective silver lame to complete the futuristic sci-fi effect. Below the heel reflector is a molded rubber patch with the Ghost in the Shell logo, and the shoe tongue tag is embroidered with “Ghost in the Shell 25th”.

The Knights of Sidonia model is inspired by the pilot’s boots worn by series main character Nagate Tanikaze, and features prominent black stitching and the Sidonia emblem printed on the inner side of the all-canvas shoe uppers. The shoe tongue is printed with a striped pattern based on the armband worn by Garde pilots, and the outsole heel bears the TOA Heavy Industries logo.

Preorders are currently available through online store Hybrid Mind Market, and will run until July 31st. Orders will ship in late October. Retail store Sports Lab by Atmos Ikebukuro will feature floor models on display starting in July, and will also be offering presales.

© Masamune Shirow / Production I.G / Kodansha / Ghost in the Shell Shin Gekijoban Production Committee
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攻殻機動隊 シドニアの騎士 UBIQ ,Ghost in the Shell,Knights of Sidonia
Knights of Sidonia Garde Pilot Model

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