“Yatterman Night” Doronjo Figure Coming Soon

夜ノヤッターマンドロンジョ  Yatterman Night  Doronjo
Yatterman Night Doronjo Figure

Hobby merchandise and figure retailer Hobby Japan will be releasing a 1/7th scale figure of character Doronjo from TV anime series “Yatterman Night”.

Taken from the anime series celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “Time Bokan” franchise, the figure depicts the heroic Doronjo, joined by pet pig Lord Oda, posing with her bubble pipe. Based on the original anime series design, the figure replicates Doronjo perfectly, down to the hair sticking up on top of her head.

Doronjo’s cape and ribbon blowing in the wind adds a dynamic sense of realism to the figure, further increased by the use of metallic paint for her costume. A special edition of the figure is also available from Hobby Japan, which is accompanied by a transparent poster featuring a sketch of Doronjo and Lord Oda drawn by series character designer Keisuke Goto.

The figure is available for preorder through the July and August 2015 issues of hobby magazine Monthly Hobby Japan, as well as from Hobby Japan’s online shop and the Post Hobby Atsugi and 60 Kai-Dori locations. The regular edition of the figure retails for 11,800 yen, while the special edition and poster costs 12,800 yen, plus tax. Preorders will run until July 10th, and orders will ship in January and February 2016.

© Tatsunoko Production / Yatterman Night Production Committee 2015

夜ノヤッターマンドロンジョ  Yatterman Night  Doronjo
The Lord Oda figure is removable, and can be replaced with an included heart-shaped part.

夜ノヤッターマンドロンジョ  Yatterman Night  Doronjo
Doronjo and Lord Oda transparent poster

Yatterman Night Doronjo Figure

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