“Exhibition: The World Masterpiece – 40 years of Nippon Animation” coming this summer

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki’s sketches for “Anne the Green Gables” out for the first time

Nippon Animation is celebrating its 40th anniversary, together with its 40th anniversary of “The World Masterpiece” series produced since its foundation.

Nippon Animation announced to hold “Exhibition: The World Masterpiece – 40 years history of Nippon Animation” as one of its memorial ceremony. Original illustrations, movies and models from “The World Masterpiece” series - “A Dog of Flanders”, “Rascal the Raccoon”, “Anne of Green Gables” -, as well as Nippon Animation’s representatives - “Future Boy Conan”, “The Adventures of Maya the Bee” will be open to public for the first time to show behind-the-scenes-work.

Hayao Miyazaki’s illustrations will be included for “Anne the Green Gables”, the 5th work in “The World Masterpiece” series. You might be surprised but this work was written and produced by Isao Takahata, and setup by Hayao Miyazaki - now well-known masters for Ghibli works. 30 original illustrations by Miyazaki are to be exhibited.

Other exhibits include illustration board by “God of Animation” Yasuji Mori, prototype sketches of “Rascal the Raccoon” and “The Adventures of Maya the Bee” by director Masaharu Endo, numbers of background pictures by Masahiro Ioka, Takamura Mukuo, Masaaki Kawaguchi and other art directors.

There are also interactive exhibits. You can take pictures in a diorama of “Anne the Green Gables”, which reproduced the famous scene beside the window. You can also enjoy promotion movie of latest animation movie “Sinbad: The Flying Princess and the secret Island”, and other past CMs and campaign movies of Nippon Animation.

Exhibition will be held at Tobu Ikebukuro from July 30th to August 18th, 10AM to 8PM. Adults and college students for 800 yen, junior high / high school students for 600 yen, free for below elementary school.

Exhibition will be held around Japan for the next two years.

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
Image board for “Rascal the Raccoon”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“Rascal the Raccoon”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“A Dog of Flanders”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“My Daddy Long Legs”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“Marco, 3000 Leagues in Search for Mother”

宮﨑駿 Hayao Miyazaki
“Anne of Green Gables”

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