Limited Edition “Q” Headphones Come Preloaded With Golden Bomber Songs

Q ゴールデンボンバー Golden Bomber
The “Q” headphones include music by Golden Bomber.

The first release in the “Q” series of high-quality stereo headphones preloaded with music features popular Japanese band Golden Bomber. The limited edition headphones include a collection of 37 Golden Bomber singles.

The headphones, created by Japanese company Skiyaki, are designed to be an easy and immediate way to listen to music without the use of external devices. Produced in conjunction with Japanese headphone maker Shiroshita Industrial, the domestically-made headphones contain all songs built into the headphones themselves, and do not require any sort of external player to function. The headphones are professionally tuned for the highest possible sound quality and most accurate reproduction of music as intended by the artists.

The songs included on the headphones were remastered by Tatsuo, producer of visual kei “air band” Golden Bomber. Bands have been chosen for the second and third releases in the series, and are planned to go on sale starting in July.

The headphones retail for 17,500 yen, plus tax. Preorders will start on April 13th, and are planned to arrive starting on April 27th. Preorders are available through Golden Bomber’s official online shop, Silkroad Store, as well as Tsutaya’s online store and physical locations.

Q ゴールデンボンバー Golden Bomber
The headphones come preloaded with 37 Golden Bomber singles.

Limited Edition “Q” Headphones

Golden Bomber Official Online Shop Silkroad Store

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