Sharp’s Newest Cocorobo Vacuum Cleaner Voiced by Sebastian from “Black Butler”

黒執事 COCOROBO Black Butler
Premium Cocorobo (Black Butler Ver.)

Sharp will be releasing a limited edition talking version of its Cocorobo robotic vacuum cleaner featuring the voice of Sebastian from anime series “Black Butler”.

Featuring original dialogue recorded by Sebastian’s voice actor, Daisuke Ono, the vacuum cleaner is capable of conversing with humans on a variety of topics. Using cloud technology, the vacuum cleaner can report the weather, set alarms, access Sharp’s “Cloud-chan” news network, and perform a variety of other useful functions.

In addition to repeating several famous lines from the anime series, the Sebastian vacuum cleaner responds positively to being praised for cleaning well, and can also comment on numerous other situations. For example, if the user tells the vacuum cleaner that they are going out drinking, Sebastian will warn them not to drink too much. The vacuum cleaner is based on the RX-V200, and contains all of the same capabilities as that model, as well as an original design featuring artwork by series character designer Minako Shiba.

The vacuum cleaner retails for 150,000 yen, plus tax. Preorders will end on May 31st, and orders will ship at the end of June. Preorders are currently being accepted through online shopping site Aniplex+.

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黒執事 COCOROBO Black Butler
The vacuum cleaner features dialogue recorded by Sebastian’s original voice actor, Daisuke Ono.

黒執事 COCOROBO Black Butler
The vacuum cleaner is capable of conversing on a variety of topics.

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