Eir Aoi Kicks Off World Tour in Front of 5,000 French Fans

藍井エイル Eir Aoi

Singer Eir Aoi kicked off her world tour on July 5th with a performance at the Japan Expo in Paris, France.

The crowd of 5,000 fans made for a welcoming and lively atmosphere, despite it being Aoi’s first time performing in France. Her 7-song setlist included hits such as “Sword Art Online II” opening theme “Ignite” and “The Heroic Legend of Arslan” ending theme “Lapis Lazuli”, all met with highly positive reception from beginning to end. The dramatic stage show and rock-influenced concert solidified Aoi’s credentials for French fans as a master performer.

Eir Aoi’s world tour will continue at London’s Hyper Japan Festival 2015 on July 10th through 12th.

World Tour Schedule:

July 5: 16th Annual Japan Expo, Paris, France
July 10-12: Hyper Japan Festival 2015, London, England
July 25: Bilibili Macro Link 2015, Shanghai, China
Aug. 7-9: J-Pop Summit 2015, San Francisco, CA, USA
Sept. 24-29: AWA, Atlanta, GA, USA
Oct. 4: Eir Aoi Rock the World, Singapore (Solo Performance)
Oct. 24: Eir Aoi Rock the World, Taiwan (Solo Performance)
Oct. 25: Eir Aoi Rock the World, Hong Kong (Solo Performance)

藍井エイル Eir Aoi

藍井エイル Eir Aoi

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