Orchestra concert featuring “Sega” – Sonic and Sakura Wars

Game Symphony Japan
Original illustration “Sonic with baton”

Game music orchestra concert for Sega will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre on October 10th.

Aim Village, specializing in hosting concerts of game and animation music will be in charge of this concert, as the 14th round of “Game Symphony Japan” with full partnership of Sega.

There had been solo live concerts of “Sakura Wars”, “Fantasy Star” series in the past, but not an orchestra concert featuring “Sega” itself.

Songs planned to be played in the concert are from: “Sonic” series, “SGGG”, “Space Channel 5”, “New Roomania”, “Sakura Wars”, “Fantasy Zone”, “Virtua Fighter 2”, “Daytona USA”, “Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force”, “Feel the Magic: XY/XX”, “The Rub Rabbits!”, “Burning Rangers” and “NiGHTS into dreams...” and so on.

Impressive guests are to be appearing on stage. Tickets are sold for: S seat 8,500 yen, A seat 7,500 yen, B seat 6,500 yen. Advance orders are accepted from June 10th, general sales are from June 20th 10:00 AM.

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Game Symphony Japan
“Game Symphony Japan”

Game Symphony Japan 14th Concert:SEGA Special vol.1