“Spriggan”, “ARMS”, “D-Live!!” Manga Artist Ryoji Minagawa Art Exhibition Now Open in Kumamoto

“Spriggan”, “ARMS”, “D-Live!!” 「スプリガン」「ARMS」「D-LIVE!」
Shonen Sunday Ryoji Minagawa Exhibition

From April 25th through June 28th, Kumamoto’s Yunomae Manga Museum will be holding an exhibition featuring manga artist Ryoji Minagawa.

Minagawa’s career started in 1988, and he has been at the forefront of the art form ever since. The exhibition, produced in partnership with Weekly Shonen Sunday, features his three series from the magazine, “Spriggan”, “ARMS”, and “D-Live!!”. The event aims to communicate the breadth of Minagawa’s many styles, from his realistic and emotionally intense works to his energetic action manga series.

The exhibition is open daily from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Admission is 300 yen for high school students and older, 100 yen for middle and elementary school students, and free for kindergarten age and younger.

“Spriggan”, “ARMS”, “D-Live!!” 「スプリガン」「ARMS」「D-LIVE!」
The exhibition will focus on “Spriggan”, “ARMS”, and “D-Live!!”.

“Spriggan”, “ARMS”, “D-Live!!” 「スプリガン」「ARMS」「D-LIVE!」

Yunomae Manga Museum