New VR Headset Uses Smartphone to Create Virtual Idol Date

VR device BotsNew

In early April, hobby company Megahouse will be releasing virtual reality device BotsNew.

Utilizing a standard smartphone placed in the headset, BotsNew contains two lenses that transform video content displayed on the phone’s screen into realistic 3D experiences viewable from 360 degrees. The proprietary lenses create a sense of immersion comparable with real life.

The BotsNew site will provide a variety of free smartphone apps and video data, continually updated over the device’s life. Third parties will also be able to contribute their own content. The current lineup includes a roller coaster that speeds between buildings in Akihabara, male and female dating simulations, and an official dating sim for idol group Kamen Joshi.

BotsNew is compatible with iOS and Android devices that have a 4-to-6-inch screen. It retails for 2,760 yen, plus tax.

Two lenses transform content played on a smartphone placed in the headset.

Akihabara roller coaster sim

Dating sim