Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu Joins figma Lineup

龍が如く,桐生一馬,Yakuza,Kazuma Kiryu
The fully-painted figma Kazuma Kiryu measures approximately 150mm tall.© SEGA

Open-world action game Yakuza, known as “Ryu ga Gotoku” in Japan, was released for the PS2 in 2005. The game’s impressively detailed setting of Kamurocho, a fictitious town modeled after the real-life Kotobukicho district of Shinjuku, drew players into the gritty world of Japanese organized crime.

The game was a huge hit with its target demographic of adult males, shipping over 3 million copies in Japan alone. Since then, each of the five numbered entries in the Yakuza series has sold over 5 million copies domestically.

The next numbered entry in the series, tentatively titled Yakuza 6, is scheduled to be released this fall in Japan. A playable demo was released on January 28th, and the game’s development studio has been holding open auditions for fans to appear as characters in the upcoming game.

Just in time for the newest entry in the Yakuza series, figure and model manufacturer Good Smile Company will be adding the franchise’s main character, Kazuma Kiryu, to their figma poseable figure line. The figure utilizes flexible plastic for points of articulation, allowing the figure to be posed freely without altering its proportions. Like other entries in the figma series, the Kazuma Kiryu figure includes a variety of additional parts that can be used to reproduce action scenes from the games.

The figure retails for 5,370 yen, plus tax. Preorders are currently open, and the figure will be released in June 2016.

* Finished product may differ from photos
* Photos depict hand-painted figure; finished product may vary
* Photos may differ from finished product

龍が如く,桐生一馬,Yakuza,Kazuma Kiryu
The figure, sculpted by Hiroshi Yuasa of Max Factory, can be posed in a variety of action scenes.© SEGA

龍が如く,桐生一馬,Yakuza,Kazuma Kiryu
Kiryu is posed with the Golden Gun and his shouting face part.© SEGA

龍が如く,桐生一馬,Yakuza,Kazuma Kiryu
Kiryu holding a cigarette. The figure also includes a Staminan Spark healing item.© SEGA

figma Kazuma Kiryu