“The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls” Kaede Takagaki Idol Costume Figure Coming Soon

高垣楓,Kaede Takagaki
Kaede Takagaki: Hajimari no Basho figure

Figure and model company Kotobukiya will be releasing a 1/8th scale figure of character Kaede Takagaki from TV anime series “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls” dressed in an idol outfit.

The figure of Kaede Takagaki, one of the series’ top-ranked idols, depicts the character in an original costume design. The highly detailed figure conveys Kaede’s beauty and cuteness, and her realistically modeled idol costume features varying shades of green, her trademark color. Orders from Kotobukiya’s Akihabara and Osaka Nihonbashi retail stores, as well as their online shop, will be accompanied by a bonus winking face part.

The figure retails for 10,000 yen, plus tax. It will be released in August.


高垣楓,Kaede Takagaki
Top-ranked idol Kaede Takagaki is dressed in an original idol costume.

高垣楓,Kaede Takagaki
Winking face

高垣楓,Kaede Takagaki
Reverse view

Kaede Takagaki: Hajimari no Basho Figure

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls