“Please tell me! Galko chan” makes sense of closeness

おしえて!ギャル子ちゃん,Please tell me! Galko chan
TV animation “Please tell me! Galko chan” Key Visual

It was announced that TV animation “Please tell me! Galko chan” which is currently on air, will be released as Blu-ray disc (Volume 1 and 2). A special audio drama CD and a special case drawn by original illustrator Kenya Suzuki will be attached to the collectors’ version.

Original manga series being released via KADOKAWA’s manga website “ComicWalker” by Suzuki, one of the biggest characteristics of this animation is that characters are not called by their names but by their attributes: “Galko”, “Otako” “Ojou” etc. It can be said as a fusion of Japanese everyday lives and so-called school cast system that repeatedly appeared in oversea teenage movies “The Breakfast Club”, “Revenge of the Nerds.” or “National Lampoon’s Animal House”.

On the other hand, each episode is based on physical and sexual topics such as “Is it true that rocket busts also have big areola?” or “Is true that even young girls have hairs on their hips?”

You might assume that it is each body’s nature that is focused on in this work. Reality is given to the world of fiction through conversation on vivid physics by “attributes”.

“Please tell me! Galko chan” will tell us who tend to consider others in “attributes”, that everyone is a living human being just like ourselves. This quite educational Blu-ray Volume 1 is planned to be released April 27th.

おしえて!ギャル子ちゃん,Please tell me! Galko chan
From manga by Kenya Suzuki Physical aspect is more emphasized than animation. Serialized on website “ComicWalker”

おしえて!ギャル子ちゃん,Please tell me! Galko chan
The three main characters: “Otako” “Galko” and “Ojou”

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