Michelangelo’s David Immortalized as Action Figure

Michelangelo’s sculpture of Biblical hero David, slayer of Goliath, stood as a political symbol for the city of Florence.

Michelangelo’s famous 1504 Renaissance sculpture, David, will be immortalized in action figure form as the fourth release in figure and model manufacturer Good Smile Company’s “Table Museum” figma series.

The figure reproduces Michelangelo’s world-famous Renaissance masterpiece in exacting detail, and utilizes the same highly poseable joints used in all figures in the figma series. The high degree of freedom in posing makes the figure a perfect candidate for sketch modeling or anatomical studies.

The wide range of possible poses also makes it possible to reimagine Michelangelo’s artistry in any position imaginable. The figure can function as both a piece of art to be displayed on a desk and as an action figure with a nearly endless array of possibilities.

The figure retails for 4,444 yen, plus tax. It will be released in May 2016.

* Figure requires use of included base to stand upright.
* Photos may differ from finished product.
* Individual figures may differ in appearance due to variance in manufacturing processes.

Every aspect of the famous sculpture has been reproduced, including David’s heart-shaped pupils.

David has a sling, not a towel, draped over his shoulder.

The figure includes changeable hands and feet for poses such as this thumbs up.

Other entries in the “Table Museum” series include the Venus de Milo and The Thinker, as well as a special plaster version of The Thinker.

Table Museum figma David