Songs from Wii U Game Splatoon Come to Japanese Karaoke Facilities

Splatoon fans can now perform karaoke in Inkling.

Three songs from Nintendo Wii U third-person shooter Splatoon are now available for performance at Joysound karaoke facilities across Japan.

The game’s soundtrack, titled “Splatune”, made a surprise impact on Japanese sales charts, debuting at second place in the weekly Oricon sales rankings. The three songs available at Joysound facilities include “Calamari Inkantation”, “City of Color”, and “Ink Me Up”, all performed by in-game duo Squid Sisters. The soundtrack’s liner notes contain transcriptions of the songs’ lyrics, sung in the fictional Inkling language, leading to Japanese fans attempting to translate the almost entirely random syllables.

In addition to Japanese-to-Inkling phonetic transcriptions, special videos will accompany some versions of the three karaoke songs. Karaoke facilities equipped with Joysound Max or Joysound f1 machines, as well as Wii U software title Nintendo x Joysound Wii Karaoke U, can access karaoke service Uta Suki Music Post (, which will display original videos featuring the Squid Sisters’ Callie and Marie performing their songs, as well as other characters from the Splatoon universe.

“Calamari Inkantation” karaoke

“City of Color” karaoke

“Ink Me Up” karaoke