Swedish Manga Artist Releases Japanese Comic About Her Life in Japan

Åsa Ekström 北欧女子が見つけた日本の不思議
Swedish manga artist Åsa Ekström

On March 6th, Swedish manga artist Åsa Ekström released “Hokuou Joshi Åsa ga Mitsuketa Nihon no Fushigi”, a comic essay about her daily life in Japan.

Ekström moved to Japan three years ago to work in the anime and manga industry. Her daily 4-panel comic series, the title of which translates to “The Mysteries of Japan Scandinavian Girl Åsa Found”, proved extremely popular with Japanese readers, rising to the top of the Ameblo blog rankings.

Ekström decided to become a manga artist when she discovered Sailor Moon and Inuyasha as a child. She states that her favorite anime series is Revolutionary Girl Utena, her favorite manga series is Nana, and her favorite Japanese food is ramen. Her blog discusses numerous aspects of Japanese daily life that she finds interesting as a non-Japanese resident, such as the convenience of convenience store onigiri, wondering why Japanese girls call everything “kawaii”, how host club employees’ hair resembles that of anime characters, and considering whether using a parasol on sunny days makes her Japanese.

Åsa Ekström 北欧女子が見つけた日本の不思議
Ekström’s manga series discusses the aspects of Japanese life she finds mysterious as a non-Japanese resident.

Åsa Ekström 北欧女子が見つけた日本の不思議
“Hokuou Joshi Åsa ga Mitsuketa Nihon no Fushigi”

“Hokuou Joshi Åsa ga Mitsuketa Nihon no Fushigi” Blog

“Hokuou Joshi Åsa ga Mitsuketa Nihon no Fushigi” Book