Syaro from “Is the Order a Rabbit?” in 1/7 scaled figure to be released

Price: 9,800 yen (before tax)

“Slice of life” is drawn in TV animation “Is the Order a Rabbit?” (normally abbreviated to Gochi-usa in Japanese), a life which is made up with complete “kawaii” (cuteness). Fans were excited with “kawaii” girls leading “kawaii” lives, and once the first animation series were over they turned into “Gochi-usa-refugees” who could not be satisfied with lives without Gochi-usa. You can easily imagine their lives lightning-up as second season started on-air.

Aoshima Bunka Kyozai will be releasing a 1/7 scaled figure of “Syaro”, one of the main characters in Gochi-usa. Named after the expensive Kilimanjaro coffee, her name as well as her noble appearance makes her a “mademoiselle”, but in fact growing up in a poor family, she had to pick up those elegant attitudes to get on in her life. She has the face of “kawaii”, and the mind of the fortitude.
Our ordinal lives are not only created by “kawaii”. There are many things that go wrong, or make you sad. Why not face your “Syaro” figure and make your heart pyonpyon (hop)? She would surely cheer you up. Pre-orders are currently accepted. Planned to be released in May 2016 by 9,800 yen (before tax).

Syaro in “Fleur de Lapin” uniform

Perfect sculpture to enjoy her from any angle.

View from diagonally behind. Do check her light and soft hair.

Upper half. She will rob you of your heart.

“Is the Order a Rabbit?” 1/7 scaled “Syaro”