New Book Turns 108 IT Terms into Moe Characters to Teach Networking

IT擬人化計画,IT Personification Project
Shoeisha’s IT Personification Project characters

IT manual and reference book publisher Shoeisha will be releasing a book in early 2016 that uses moe characters based on IT terminology to teach introductory networking.

Targeted at beginner students of computer networking, the book aims to teach IT skills in an entertaining and easy-to-understand manner by creating moe characters that will appeal to readers. Under the working title of the IT Personification Manual Project, the book assigns each IT term or concept a character with a personality that can be intuitively connected to the formerly difficult subject. For example, the character created to embody HTTP is a superstar idol type who utters “404” and other mysterious numerals and abandons her work when she encounters trouble.

The characters were created in conjunction with an anime production company, with each character designed by one of 108 popular artists. The book’s text was handled by Yuushi Okajima, an IT specialist with a deep knowledge of manga and anime culture.

Before the book’s publication, an initiative to expand the characters into other mediums, known as the IT Personification Project, was launched on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake. The project met its funding goal of 300,000 yen within 11 hours of its November 17th start. Funding will remain open until December 18th, with backer rewards including advance copies of the book, having one’s name included in the publication, original character merchandise, and a tour of the anime production company’s studio facilities, among others.

IT擬人化計画,IT Personification Project
Shoeisha’s IT Personification Project HTTP character

IT擬人化計画,IT Personification Project
The IT Personification Project is currently being crowdfunded.

IT Personification Project