Second Talking Smartphone App Features Liko from “Active Raid”

アクティヴレイド,Active Raid
Interactive talking Android app Active Raid Mezamashi Manager Liko

The second entry in the Mezamashi Manager series of interactive talking Android apps created by Sony Music Communications, due for release in January 2016, will feature Liko from anime series “Active Raid”.

The app will follow the previously released Mezamashi Manager Asuna, which featured the popular character from anime series “Sword Art Online”. Mezamashi Manager Asuna can wake the user up at a specified time, alert them to calendar appointments, describe the weather, tell horoscopes, and perform numerous other functions, both early in the morning and throughout the day.

The upcoming Mezamashi Manager Liko will be based on a character from anime series “Active Raid”, also premiering in January 2016. In the series’ world, Liko is a networked digital character that can be installed on virtually any device, including smartphones.

Created in conjunction with the series’ production team, the app includes over 500 sentences recorded by Liko’s voice actress, Tomoyo Kurosawa. Using the latest voice synthesis technology combined with full-motion animation, the app is capable of communicating an almost endless variety of information.

After the end of the first broadcast season of “Active Raid”, the app will be updated to incorporate series lore, including a glossary and plot outline. Other plans are being made to integrate the app with the series’ universe, and additional costumes for Liko will also be available.

The app will be available through the Google Play Store and Rakuten App Marketplace, with bonus content differing between the two versions. Additional details can be found at the official “Active Raid” site.

The app is available for Android 4.1 and up. The base app is free, with additional functions available for purchase within the app. App details and download information will be available at Mezamashi Manager’s site starting in mid-to-late December.

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アクティヴレイド,Active Raid
“Active Raid” networked digital character Liko

アクティヴレイド,Active Raid
One of Liko’s emotions

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