Lingerie Brand Yummy Mart Releases Limited Edition Pokemon Collection

Pikachu plush toy bra

On April 20th, lingerie maker Peach John’s sister brand Yummy Mart released a limited edition Pokemon lingerie collection.

The five-item collection includes innerwear such as panties and pajamas, as well as a Pikachu poncho and eye mask. The Pikachu-themed collection is a first for any lingerie maker.

The product lineup includes a Pikachu towel poncho (5,480 yen, plus tax), Pikachu eye mask (1,680 yen), Pikachu panties (1,680 yen), Pikachu pajamas (5,980 yen), and Poke Ball laundry pouch (1,680 yen). In addition, dozens of Pikachu plush toys were attached to bras worn by models Monica Sahara, Risa Nakamura, and Tomoco Nozaki for the lingerie line’s photo shoot. The three bras, which are not available for purchase, are currently on display at Yummy Mart’s Shibuya 109, Shibuya Parco, and Ikebukuro Parco retail stores.

To promote the Pokemon lingerie, Yummy Mart is currently running a social media giveaway. Customers who take a photo at the special Pikachu photo booth located inside Yummy Mart stores and post it on Instagram can enter to win one of five special prizes.

The Pokemon lingerie collection includes Pikachu pajamas.

Transform into Pikachu with a poncho and panties.

The product line also includes a Poke Ball laundry pouch.

Pikachu eye mask

Pikachu panties

Yummy Mart Pokemon Collection

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