Official Attack on Titan Military Notebook and Planner Cost Only 500 Yen Each

進撃の巨人,Attack on Titan
Both the military notebook and planner are A6 size and contain 64 pages. They will be available until March 2016.

Japanese photobook service Tolot is currently selling official military notebooks and planners based on popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan that can be created and customized via the company’s smartphone app.

The military notebook, available in Survey Corps, Garrison, and Military Police Brigade versions, features realistic wear and tear to make the notebook seem as if it actually belongs to a soldier battling against Titans. The unique writing system from the series also makes an appearance throughout the notebook for an added sense of immersion in the Attack on Titan universe.

The planner includes yearly and monthly views, to-do lists, and goal lists, all rendered in the series’ unique style. 67 different scenes featuring 27 characters from the manga series’ entire 17-volume run to date appear throughout the planner, which is available in three different original cover designs.

The notebook and planner retail for 500 yen each, tax included. Shipping is free within Japan, and will be delivered in 5 to 14 days after ordering. During the creation and order process, users can also add their own photos to customize the books through Tolot’s smartphone app.

進撃の巨人,Attack on Titan
The military notebook and planner are available with three different covers each.

進撃の巨人,Attack on Titan
The military notebook features realistic wear and tear perfect for accompanying Attack on Titan cosplay.

Attack on Titan
The planner includes humorous scenes from throughout the manga series.

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