“Hunter x Hunter” Kurapika Figure Has Light-Up Eyes

The HG Kurapika figure can reproduce the character’s Scarlet Eyes from the manga and anime series.

Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, is currently accepting preorders for a figure of “Hunter x Hunter” character Kurapika with light-up eyes.

The figure is the newest entry in Bandai’s “Next Vendor’s Innovation” series, known for its attention-grabbing figures of “Hunter x Hunter” characters Gon, Biscuit, and Hisoka. All figures in the series have a unique gimmick to set them apart, and the Kurapika figure is no exception.

A member of the Kurta clan, Kurapika possesses the power of the Scarlet Eyes, which glow red when he becomes enraged. The high-quality Kurapika figure contains LED lights that can be illuminated to reproduce the memorable scenes from the manga and anime series.

The figure retails for 4,444 yen, tax included. Preorders will run until May 6th, and orders will ship in July.

© POT (Yoshihiro Togashi) 1998-2011 © VAP / NTV / Madhouse

Kurapika with normal eyes.

The figure includes changeable hand parts to depict Kurapika’s chain weapon.

HG Kurapika

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