Boots that image of the “Black Jack” quickly sold out.

ブラックジャック,Black Jack
Ankle high boots, but it is easy to wear and take off this boots.

“SuperGroupies”, that is famous online shopping web site releasing products that bridges anime with fashion, announced short boots collaborated with anime “Young Black・Jack”.

The comic “Young Black・Jack” talks about the youth of main character Kuroo Hazama (= Black Jack) based on comic “Black Jack” written by Osamu Tezuka.Since autumn 2015, Tezuka production has been producing the animation. Now it is very popular thorough many generations.

Short boots released this time is the image of a main character “Kuroo Hazama (= Black Jack)”.  The scars on his face has been reproduced in decorative fastener, the part of skin graft has been expressed in the blue fabric.  The lining uses fur that is smooth to the touch, excellent in cold protection abilities and that is black and white two-tone color since the image of the hair color of “BJ”.  If you turn down the opening of boots, you can show the lining a little.
Although it started reservation for “Kuroo Hazama model short boots” from the end of November, unfortunately it’s out of stock in all sizes.  The fans have high expectation for reselling of it.  Warm short boots are required for this season since the weather is getting colder and colder now.  We hope SuperGroupies meets the fans expectations.

ブラックジャック,Black Jack
“Kuroo Hazama model short boots”. Price is \17,800 (Tax excluded).

ブラックジャック,Black Jack
Although the motif is a character of comic-anime, it looks only chic.

ブラックジャック,Black Jack
From the front. Beautiful silhouette and refined look, it is very satisfying.

ブラックジャック,Black Jack
The scars of BJ have been expressed in decorative fastener.

Kuroo Hazama model short boots

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