“Love Live!” μ's Members Join Cup no Fuchiko Toy Series

コップのフチ子,ラブライブ!」μ’s,Love Live!” μ's
Putitto Series Love Live!
© 2013 Project Love Live!

Kadokawa will be releasing a set of Cup no Fuchiko miniature figures based on characters from school idol project “Love Live!”

The toys are part of the spinoff Putitto series, which provides variations on the Cup no Fuchiko formula using different characters and animals. The set contains 9 different toys featuring the members of fictional idol group μ's, and will also be sold as a boxed set.

A pack containing one toy retails for 500 yen, and a boxed set of all 9 toys will sell for 4,500 yen.

Putitto Series Love Live! Boxed Set (Amazon Japan)

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