”Kiznaiver” on air: Seven deadly sins in modern Japan

This will be director Hiroshi Kobayashi’s debut work, who took part in “Kill la Kill” and “Rage of bahamut GENESIS”.
©TRIGGER, Mari Okada / Kiznaiver Production Committee

Kiznaiver”, second TV animation series by animation studio Trigger which produced “Kill la Kill”, is on air from April 9th, Saturday.

In short, “Kiznaiver” is a story of juveniles bonded with “kizuna”, or connection. Witten by Mari Okada, famous for her moving animations such as “Anohana” and “The Anthem of the Heart”, first made fans unnecessarily worried that it might be a “straightforward youth story” – but first episode turned out to be a sinister-looking SF youth ensemble.

Characters with “Seven deadly sins” in modern Japanese society which highly emphasizes cooperation – “cold tactician”, “menacing and hostile initially”, “humanistic-nosy”, “attention-seeking”, “semi-emotionless”, “rowdy obnoxious” and “immoral”, will be involved into Kizuna System which allows members to share their pain and connects one to each other. Not much information of Kizuna system is released, but it is said that the ideal goal of the system is to make Kiznaivers share pains and wounds in order to create world peace, and the city where characters live in, Sugomori City, build on reclaimed landfill, is a test site.

How will the characters, those should not have made friends without this system, get on well? Okada can show her skill fully for emotional deployment. At the same time, we would like to focus on how she creates the important statement in modern world: Importance of understanding pains and wounds of others.

Schedule for on-air is as follows:
TOKYO MX: Saturday 23:30-
ABC: Saturday 26:15-
TVA: Tuesday 26:05-
BS11: Saturday 23:30-
GTV: Saturday 23:30-
GYT: Saturday 23:30-
Also available online.
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