Experience the Space Invaders Era Again with Cardboard Table Cabinet Arcade Game

The Gamebocchi retails for 100,000 yen, plus tax. Flat screen monitor, game hardware, controllers, and games are sold separately. The cabinet measures 860mm wide x 580mm deep x 670mm tall.

Table cabinet arcade games, also known as cocktail cabinet games, are familiar to arcade lovers in their 40s. In Japan, one of the most popular games available in this table-style form factor was Space Invaders, which took the country by storm after its 1978 release.

Table cabinet games had a unique form factor, with a monitor embedded in a low table covered by a glass surface. Resembling a coffee table, the cabinet style was popular throughout Japan in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and also made its way overseas for some games of the era.

To capitalize on this nostalgia, Bandai Namco subsidiary Vibe has developed Gamebocchi, a cardboard reproduction of a classic arcade table cabinet. Coming to prominence in 2013 after releasing Danbocchi, a cardboard personal soundproof room, the company aims to continue its innovative use of cardboard by expanding into the entertainment realm.

Made with honeycomb cardboard, the surprisingly light cabinet can fit flat screen monitors between 19 and 22 inches, and can easily be set up by one person with wood glue and a screwdriver. Unlike the original table cabinets, the game installation process is relatively simple, allowing users to add their desired controllers and games. The cabinet’s top is covered with a lightweight acrylic panel, allowing it to be used as an actual table.

The cabinet is slightly expensive, retailing for 100,000 yen before tax. Complete kits, including options such as specialized controllers and touch panels, are planned for later release. These should prove to be a perfect holiday gift for retro arcade game lovers.

The Gamebocchi’s logo is overflowing with retro ‘70s/’80s style.