A slime “curry” appeared! ▶ATTACK

スライムカレー,Slime Curry
Slime Curry (Red), Village Vanguard limited. Includes tomato paste, chili, garlic and various spices.

”Delicious in Dungeon”, a gourmet manga by Ryoko Kui is now in the news. Among various and popular “ingredients” – monsters those appear in RPGs - including Basilisk (snake-like dragon) and Mandragora (foot of plant which gives a cry damaging the person who plucked it out), the dainty is Slime.

“Dungeons and Dragons”, a D&D tabletop RPG released in 1974 is said to have created the origin of today’s slime, then gained popularity by appearing in various games. But among all, “Dragon Quest” can be said as the winning hit of slime to become this popular. It is not exaggerating to say that no grown-ups have never seen the drop-shaped monster, designed by Akira Toriyama.

Do you know that the Toriyama-slime is now sold as a retort-pouch curry? Of course it contains ordinary curry (not slime), but you would be shocked to see its vivid color. There are three types: Red including tomato paste and chili; Green including vegetable and chicken; Blue including coconut.

The poisonous-looking, or “slime-ly” looking color does lose your appetite at the first glance, but the rich spice that comes in through your nose a second later will immediately boost your appetite. With rich spicy flavor with sweetness of vegetable, slime curry is not a mere-show but a fine retort-pouch curry.

Do get the three slime curry, sold at Village Vanguard official website for 1,080 yen each.

スライムカレー,Slime Curry
Package reminds us of Super Nintendo.

スライムカレー,Slime Curry
Cute package is good for a little present to your friend.

スライムカレー,Slime Curry
Slime Curry (Green), Village Vanguard limited. Includes vegetable, chicken and spices.

スライムカレー,Slime Curry
Slime Curry (Blue), Village Vanguard limited. By far the best shocking color, but it has mild coconut taste.

Slime Curry , Village Vanguard limited