Gigantic “Berserk” Guts Figure Coming Soon

Guts Berserk ガッツ ベルセルク
Berserker Guts from manga series “Berserk” will be available as an oversized figure.

The next figure in Good Smile Company’s high-quality “Wonderful Hobby Selection” figure series will be a 750-millimeter-tall reproduction of berserker “Guts” from manga series “Berserk”.

Guts is the newest addition to the “Wonderful Hobby Selection” series of ultra-high-quality figures. The series is targeted at hardcore fans and collectors, and aims to provide exclusive products and collaborations not available from any other source.

The 1/6th scale polystone figure depicts Guts wielding his massive Dragonslayer sword, coated in the blood of his enemies, as he stands atop a slain apostle and glares towards his next opponent. Due to the figure’s extreme size, it is able to express an incredible level of detail and craftsmanship, from the figure itself down to the stone base and dead apostle. Only 300 units are being produced worldwide, each engraved with a serial number.

The figure retails for 148,000 yen, tax included. Preorders will be accepted until 9:00 PM on March 4th.

© Kentaro Miura (Studio Gaga) / Hakusensha

Guts Berserk ガッツ ベルセルク
Guts wields his massive Dragonslayer sword.

Guts Berserk ガッツ ベルセルク
The figure reproduces Guts’s demonic glare.

Guts Berserk ガッツ ベルセルク
Guts stands atop a stone base and a slain apostle.

Guts Berserk ガッツ ベルセルク
Reverse view

Guts Berserk ガッツ ベルセルク
The large size allows for a greater level of detail.

Wonderful Hobby Selection Guts

750mm Size Comparison