Figure “Mazinger Z” from Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! released

真マジンガー,Mazinger Z
Dynamite Action series GK!Limited No.2 “Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! Mazinger Z”. Price is for 16,000 yen before tax. © 2009 Go Nagai / Dynamic Productions / Kuroganeya

Following “Getter Robot” Getter-1 introduced last month (Link:, figure and toy manufacturer Evolution Toy released another attracting item: “Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!: Mazinger Z”

“Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!” is an animation series based on Go Nagai’s comic “Mazinger Z”, which was on aired in 2009. The series was directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa, who had been involved in many SUNRIZE works including “Fang of the Sun Dougram”, “Aura Battler Dunbine”, “Heavy Metal L-Gaim”, and later having strong presence in the robot animation field for his “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” and “Tetsujin 28-go”.

“Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!” gave a heavy stroke to the fans by revealing its final result in the very first episode. And with many scenes paying homage to other Nagai works, this late-night-broadcast animation made adults those had seen the first series in their childhood excited as a “Mazinger series for adults”.

Design of Mazinger Z itself seems to be made for adults as well. Its smart and massive proportion has not lost the original roundish shape. This time, its cool design is brushed up and structured as figure “Mazinger Z”. Of course the “Dynamite Action” series” trademark magnetic joints with 11mm iron balls are used.

Why not combine your Mazinger Z with other Nagai robot figures for your diorama?

*Since each robot is hand painted, please be noted that color scales and tints may differ one by one.
* Finished product may differ from images.

真マジンガー,Mazinger Z
Although 17cm tall, it has a massiveness. Super alloy Z body is precisely realized. © 2009 Go Nagai / Dynamic Productions / Kuroganeya

真マジンガー,Mazinger Z
Scramder parts are attachable on the back. © 2009 Go Nagai / Dynamic Productions / Kuroganeya

真マジンガー,Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z with Jet Scramder parts. © 2009 Go Nagai / Dynamic Productions / Kuroganeya

真マジンガー,Mazinger Z
God Scramder, made from the right arm of Zeus in ancient Mycenae, is the final and strongest wing. 38cm long. © 2009 Go Nagai / Dynamic Productions / Kuroganeya

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